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Before the Winter Olimpic Games of 2006 Piedmont was almost unknown to the majority of the European citizens.

The inattentive modern tourist drives along its eastern side on his way down to the coast or flyes above this region to reach Toscana or Rome. But it was not in Florence nor in Milan or Rome where the unification of Italy took its first steps, but rather in Piedmont, and Turin was in fact the first capital city of the newborn nation.

dsc_0001.jpgPiedmont has in Turin the leading centre in Italy for research and technologies.

Moreover the regional capital hosts several of the biggest Italian industries.

Some crucial politic impulses of the years following the Second World War originated here as well.

Piedmont is a goldmine of culture and beautiful landscapes and has at its disposal the best and reachest wine production in Italy and fabulous culinary treasures, that one can enjoy in the gourmet temples or even in a small traditional trattoria.

It is never too late to discover Piedmont as an amazing holiday destination.